Engagement season is here. If you are reading this, you most likely just popped that oh so important question and the answer was YES! CONGRATULATIONS!! You are a Groom to be…Now what???

We know that it can be tough to plan a wedding and oftentimes people forget that the groom has a lot of responsibilities too. So, Spirited Event Group is here to offer some tips and cost-friendly options we have learned over the years!

As a couple, it is important to first communicare what part of the wedding is most important to each of you- the entertainment, the rehearsal dinner, the honeymoon, the food, and so on. Establishing a priority list will help planning run smoothly and help you stay on budget. There will be some areas that are more important to one of you than the other. If music is your thing or the bar, then offer to take the lead in these areas. This will allieviate some stress off your partner (which we know they will appreciate) and allow you the chance to have more input in what matters most to you. Below are a few elements of the wedding that are traditionally fall on the groom and some things to consider.

Toasts at a wedding at Pontoon Brewing

The Rehearsal Dinner

The party before the big day. The Rehearsal Dinner usually falls on the responsibility of the groom. When planning the reheasral dinner consider your reception. Is it larger and seated formal dinner? Then you may decide to opt for a more casual, mix and mingle type of event. If your recpetion is more of a party atmosphere with buffet and band, then you may decide to have a traditional seated rehearsal dinner. This is a great opportunity to give everyone in the wedding party time to relax and prepare for the big day so whichever you decide it does not need to match or out do the wedding recpetion.

This is also where you can consider and insert some more sentimental elements of the wedding weekend. There are a couple simple ways to do this. For starters, think about where you and your partner had your first date. If you went to a brewery or a restaurant, check to see if they host private events. Most local dining and drinking establishments have private rooms that can be transformed into formal settings or be kept casual with just a couple of decorations and modifications. You can add photos of each of you as a couple either as décor or through a slideshow. You can caterer a specific type of food that is special to the two of you. The rehearsal dinner is usually a more intimate environment where you can share the uniqueness of your relationship with your closest friends and family. The reheasrsal dinner is also where some people in your family and wedding party are meeting for the first time so make it inviting and encourage people to get to know each other. Toasts are a fun way to share more about the couple with your guests. The key is to keep it short and sweet and just make sure your partner knows how loved they are!

entertainment for a Wedding

The Entertainment

There are three common forms or entertainment at a wedding; live band, DJ or a curated playlist. Though these are not the only options out there. As always, we encourage you to be creative and make the entertainment fit you as a couple. The most cost effective form of entertainment is creating a special playlist with your partner containing all of your favorite songs. You can even pick some of the wedding party’s favorites too to ensure everyone is out on the dance floor!

If you are wanting a little more energy and an actual physical element of entertainment, a DJ is the choice for you. The great thing about a DJ is that they usually act as an Emcee, as well. In addition to having great music, you will also have a funny host to interact with the wedding guests and make announcements regarding food, photos and all that jazz.

In our opinion, the most lively and energetic form of entertainment is a live band. There are tons of different avenues to take for this option- and if you are looking for a reasonably priced entertainment choice, consider asking your musically talented friends if they would like to perform (or at least for part of the night). However, if this is where you want to be focusing a big chunk of your budget there are tons of great bands out there that will bring a fun energy to the crowd and keep your guests on the dance floor all night long.

Signature cocktail

The Bar

This is usually where the groom shines. Take some time to think about your and your partner’s drink of choice, or even something nostalgic that you drank early on in the relationship, and turn it into a specialty cocktail. To make it even more creative, come up with a personalized name for the cocktail- it could be using your last name, the place you met, your favorite activity, etc.  A fun tip, if you are hosting your event at a brewery, they will often work with you to create a special beer and bring you in on the beer making process. All you have to do is ask.

Don’t splurge on every single type of liquor if you know that your party guests are more likely to just drink beer and wine. You can show off in other aspects of the big day, but get realistic here and consider what people actually will be consuming. However, if you know your group of guests likes to get crazy, and you don’t mind splurging on this portion of the wedding, you can create a couple of specialty cocktails and stock the bar with all types of alcohol. Take some time brainstorming and name some drinks after your soon-to-be in-laws and other friends in the wedding party. This is a simple way to make your guests excited and show off your creative side!

groomsmen gift

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Groomsmen Gift

As the groom, your groomsmen will be your support throughout the planning process and you will want to show them your appreciation. This is one of those things that is dependent from person to person. If you have a smaller group of groomsmen that you are extremely close with, try personalizing a gift for each of the men. Take the time to write a letter to each of them and gift it along with a monogrammed flask or personalized vanity bag. You could even get customized pint glasses from where each of your groomsmen graduated college. This is another portion of the wedding where the groom can get creative, and give gifts that each of the groomsmen will cherish for a lifetime. However, if your group of groomsmen is on the larger side, consider gifting the same item to each of the men. Some good ideas for larger groups are whiskey glasses, matching bow ties, yeti beer koozies and so on.

groom clothes

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What to Wear

Now this is something that may be a little intimidating to some men, but the most important thing to keep in mind is just be yourself. It is common for grooms to want to try out a new risky fashion statement, but trust your gut here and remember this may not be the best time to break out a new statement piece (AKA if you’ve never been able to pull off a white tux, maybe don’t try again on your big day). If you want to add a bit of personality, but still want to keep things subtle and classy, try wearing fun socks that match the bridesmaids dresses. You could even wear a bright colored tire, or get personalized cufflinks! A huge factor when it comes to attire is getting a tailor! Your significant other will want your wedding pictures to be something you forever look back on, and you won’t want to forever look back on a suit that is 2 sizes too big. Most importantly, get the opinions of your family and peers, they will be honest and help you in looking your best on one of the most important days!

honeymoon photo

The Honeymoon

The big day has come to an end, but the honeymoon has just begun. Planning a honeymoon can be stressful, but there are plenty of ways to manage the stress, while also managing your budget. For starters, you are going to be exhausted after a long night of dancing, drinking and chatting with all your friends and family- you will want a break (trust us)! A huge tip is to give yourself Sunday to get your belongings together and get some rest after a long night. We recommend leaving Monday morning instead!

If you are looking to save some money or don’t have time to take off from your busy working lives, consider taking a mini moon first! Head up to a mountain cabin, your great aunts lake house, or even a hotel in town for a staycation- just take a weekend to relax as newly weds! Save your money and plan a bigger, more extravagant honeymoon later on!

This nex tip is for the couple that got married a little bit later in life and doesn’t need a bunch of kitchen appliances and home decor- Consider allowing your guests to pitch in with your honeymoon! A honeymoon registry allows for your guests to pay for activities that you and your spouse can do while honeymooning. If you pay for the hotel and plane tickets, allow your guests/family to pay for horseback riding on the beach, snorkeling, a fancy dinner, a booze cruise, you name it! You will have the honeymoon of your dreams and won’t have to worry about getting duplicates of homeware that you already own!

If you are still feeling overwhlemed and a little out of sorts, there are also services out there, like The Silent Best Man , geared specifically for the groom to be by your side and support you through the planning process. We want this to be the happiest day of your life, not the most stressful, so we hope these little tid bits will help!

Written by Hayden Shelton

Written by Hayden Shelton

Contributing Writer

Hayden is a Senior at the University of Georgia studying Public Relations. She has a strong passion for marketing and promoting brands and is interested in a possible career in Digital Brand Marketing. She manages Spirited Event Groups social media and public relations strategy and content.